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Standard Poodles
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Targa Standard poodle black



Targa Poodles is a family based kennel, breeding top quality standard poodles who excel in the show ring, as well as in their homes as beloved companions and performance and therapy dogs. 

We are extremely proud of our dogs' accomplishments in the show ring, especially since most all are Breeder-Owner handled to their AKC championships. 

All of our breedings are carefully planned, breeding only those who meet our criteria for quality, temperament and health testing and only breeding our girls to males who meet the same stringent requirements.  Temperament and health are of utmost importance to us and all of our dogs are fully health tested - and all results are normal/clear, before they are bred. 

We are equally proud of the many Targa poodle puppies who have gone on to be wonderful performance dogs, certified therapy dogs and beloved companions for their families. 

We work with those who want a dog from us to make sure the fit is good and maintain an honest relationship with all buyers and provide continuing support to our dogs' new homes throughout the life of each dog. 

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Our Champions

GCH CH Targa Aurora

  • Ch. Targa Sweet Symphony

  • Ch. Nightwind Targa Destination

  • Ch. Targa Devil Doesn't Bargain

  • Ch. Targa The Buck Stops Here

  • Ch. Targa Just What I Needed

  • Ch. Targa Steal My Sunshine

  • Ch. Highgate Toe to Toe at Targa

  • Ch. Targa Lenny’s Boy Ezekiel

  • Ch. Targa Up All Night

  • Ch. Targa All The Stars

  • Ch. Targa Peripeteia

  • Ch. Targa Sweet Sun

  • Ch. Targa Stand My Ground

  • Ch. Targa Conversation Piece

  • Ch. Targa All Night Dancing

  • Ch. Hillwood Targa Jason Lee

  • Ch. Targa Stolen Dance

  • GCH Targa At Last

  • Ch. Targa Revelry

  • Ch. Targa Dance The Night Away

  • GCHS Targa The Conqueror

  • Ch. Targa Worth The Wait for Foresthill

  • Ch. Targa Highspirits Indomitable

  • GCh. Targa Aurora

  • Ch. Aris Targa Devil Made Me Do It

  • Ch. Targa Fanfare

  • Ch. Targa Dark Side of The Moon

  • Ch. Targa Real Fantasy

  • Ch. Targa Conquest

  • Ch. Targa Dream On

  • Ch. Targa Talk About Kaylens

  • Ch. Targa Caught Looking

  • Ch. Targa Big Talker

  • Ch. Targa Unforgettable Fire

  • GCh. Targa Speak of The Devil

  • Ch. Kyans Courageous

  • Ch. Targa Dance til Dawn

  • Ch. Targa The Way You Look Tonight

  • Ch. Targa Unforgettable

  • Ch. Kaylens Locomotion

  • Ch. Targa Devil in Disguise

  • Ch. Grandeurs Boogie Back to Targa

  • Ch. Ravendune Amazing Grace

  • Ch. Targa Lady Blair

  • Ch. Daghuyt Targa Devil's Muse

  • Ch. Targa Full of Grace

  • Ch. Targa In The Net

  • Ch. Targa RSVP at Playhouse

  • Ch. Targa Confetti

  • Ch. Martaux Targa Bastille


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